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01-15-2012, 04:12 PM
Most of the talk I see is for something significantly after STO, 26th century minimum, in the Prime Universe since CBS would be producing it and that's what they own.

It could be really cool if Cryptic could tie into it as a "prequel" by helping to setup backstory for it.

I'm dubious too. I think it could be really tempting just to involve Paramount and make it a TV spinoff of the new movies, helmed by Simon Pegg and Karl Urban or something. (As Redlettermedia points out, Uhura has usurped McCoy's role in the classic trinity so he could have an expanded role elsewhere.)

There's also the consideration that the movies are allegedly avoiding TNG-era aliens (but have already implied contact with the Cardassians.)

I could see a NuTrek series as a follow-up/prequel to DS9. Y'Know, McCoy and Scotty aboard a Constitution class Defiant or Yorktown (leveraging the movie sets) and dealing with the Ferengi and the Cardassians. They're both really outsiders in NuTrek and I could see them getting posted somewhere else and pulled back in for sequels the way Worf did in the TNG films. Maybe have Robert April in command to bring things full circle to Gene's first pitch and a NuTrek version of Number One.

I think if we see it set in the Prime Universe, it means Paramount doesn't want to be involved. And CBS COULD be entertaining all these pitches as a tactic to get Paramount to agree to a movie tie-in. (Like I suspect that Buffy movie disaster may have all been a ploy to try and lure Joss Whedon and Fox into working with the the Buffy movie producers on a film.) Y'know, if you assert that your share of the rights allow you to do your own thing, it increases your negotiating leverage with other rights holders to participate to avoid dilluting their share of the brand.