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# 36 Dilithium- bad idea
01-15-2012, 04:54 PM
I left STO for a while from the expense of it. I returned for the free play thinking I might consider returning on a paying basis even but, wow....the dilithium thing really turns me off. Pay or no pay monthly, it stinks. Some say the "dedicated episode" players will have no need of dilithium. How little Cryptic understands the player. Players range from episode lovers to interactive battle fanatics but one thing is common, we all want to build and improve upon our ships. Some are obsessed, some just want to have that secondary goal. To the argument that says "episode players will have little or no need of dilithium" .....fine, you have a frail point but, I will grant you it for the sake of argument. In doing so, I will say....then why don't you make the free play as episode only? Hmmmm? You know you will not, you have money at stake and you are banking on the fact that everyone wants to be able to improve on ships so, if you really believe your statement then, be consistent with it. Also, I agree that rare items should be rare and throttling their access has merit but, you have let the genie out of the bottle already. Those that enter now are at a disadvantage for PvP. How are you going to fix that? You can't but, you feel that it is ok for new customers to suffer. And lastly...I agree, if the c-store had anything worthwhile, you would not have to worry. Your ship designs are atrocious, player content is not allowed and customization is scant. I've een in the corp board room and, what I see and hear from STO is the same disconnected rababa and self serving rationalization you hear anywhere. Be a gamer for once and the customers will come.