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Hello all i am a returning player enjoying the game after all the changes. I would love to hear from some experienced player about current builds about Engineer Star Cruiser Builds. Although i plan to move to a Gal-X soon i would love to keep my star cruiser to feel a healerish role in STF's.

My main questions are:

1. Skill point allocation and BOff abilities used (and what ranks).An STOacademy build as an initial starting point to pick some ideas would be much appreaciated

2. Weapon types preferred.I am currently fitted with Mk XI antiproton purple beam arrays and Tricobalt torp launchers.Any other direction would be much appreciated.

3. New sets in game.What combos work best,what should i look into getting.

I am interested primarily in PVE builds for Elite STF's.

Any info will be much appreciated.