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01-15-2012, 10:09 PM
I seriously did the latter half of Gorn Minefield solo just the other day. Honestly I think I could have done the whole thing solo it just would have taken a lot longer. I will say that being in the Defiant retrofit with the cloak was instrumental, because I could cloak and fly around the asteroids unharmed to find one with a ship that needed rescue. With my skill loadout (CSV3 and TSpr2) I was able to pretty much take out an entire "wing" of fighters with one volley so I'd just liberate the freighter and then try to get away to cloak again or just die and respawn.

Started with 4 others, we spent a lot of time randomly killing swarms of vishap fighters until I figured out what I had do. Teammates weren't doing much of anything (kept getting tangled in swarms of fighters) so I moved on myself to the frigates. Killed a number of those, eventually my teammates came and killed a few of those. When we were at about 30/36 frigates killed they had all quit so I killed the last 6 on my own, then moved on to battleships and mines. Those weren't hard at all since most battleships you can find flying solo, they were easy to take out 1v1. The trick there was just to fly past the minefield to find the lone battleships, and not the ones mixed in with the frigates. The final boss wasn't too bad he killed me once after I had got his hull down to 50%, and when I died he reset and got all his health back. But the second try I destroyed the torpedo platform hear him, and then solo'd him down without much difficulty. Got the 1st place trophy (obviously)- and well earned too since I did >half the mission by myself, and my teammates hardly did jack when they were there. They probably only rescued about 3/10 freighters and only killed maybe 10 frigates before they all quit. Oh and don't forget they were very polite by making sure to hit "need" for any loot that dropped but hardly contributed to the mission as well.

In all I think it took me an hour to an hour and a half from beginning to end.

But holy crap- I have never seen so many ships in STO before. I wonder how it would be flying that mission in my sci ship with grav well iii.