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01-15-2012, 11:28 PM
Part of what made the original Starship Enterprise a character was Captain Kirk. He was in-love with command of the starship and it was reflected in the writing over many years. Viewers grew similar affection along side these stories. As slow and prodding as some say The Motion Picture was, IMO, that film went out of its way to make sure we knew that the Enterprise herself mattered. I know many fans who mourned the passing of that starship in The Search for Spock as badly as we mourned the death of Spock in the previous film. After almost twenty years (for fans) with the Enterprise, it was a devious trade-off to get Spock back.

We had only seven years with the Enterprise-D when it bit the dust in her first movie outing. I was mad about that. As it made loss of the starship cliche from that point forward. But it was still fresh in the minds of newer TNG fans. So that was shocking to them, more than it was for me. It was the loss of a beloved character. DS9's Dominion War arc had starships blowing up left and right. Including the beloved Defiant. I groaned out loud when Admiral Ross gave Sisko the privilege of renaming the Sao Paulo to Defiant. No point becoming too attached to anything, right? We never had opportunity to feel that loss since her replacement showed up almost immediately.

This is one reason that some STO player's try so hard to hold on to a favorite starship throughout the career of one of our Captain's. We want that sense of starship as character. We actually want our starship to matter. Thankfully, the popping of our starships doesn't result in perma-death. Except, maybe, for a few Common Doffs.