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01-16-2012, 04:55 AM
I got a reply to my Ticket on this topic saying 'We can't help you' or words to that effect.

they say its our ISP's faults.

They don't however say what is the problem beyond latency issues.

Really not sure why my tracert and nettest results won't change but the disconnects and rubber banding will go through the roof!

Some times I can log in without any problems ... other times I don't get past the loader program ... others I get stuck on 'retrieving list of maps' Then if I do manage to log in ... rubbing banding is so bad the game is unplayable. however when I run the tracert/nettest programs while this is happening ... nothing has changed.

So why was it working well earlier?

I know my tracert is not amazing (100-140ms) and my nettest is dire (50-100kb/5-10kb/50-100kb)

but if this was the cause of the problems then surely there should be some change in these results between the good times and the bad!