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01-16-2012, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
The Enterprise was designed to be warm. It was essentially a flying hotel. Because of that, people got very comfortable on it and thought of it as home quickly. The Defiant was always meant to be a glorified shuttle. It allowed the writers to move some of the action off the station which is, well, stationary. Voyager was hindered by that industrial metallic design and poor writing. While I could see Riker reluctantly leaving the Enterprise, I could see Harry Kim jumping out of Voyager in a space suit the moment it hits Earth gravitational field.
I don't think the Defiant was a glorified shuttle. I think the reality was DS9 took place during a time of war and people simply don't care about trivialities like a ship getting destroyed during bad times.

Sure it sucks that the Defiant was destroyed, but it was war, it was expected to happen. And it could be replaced, unlike a person who died.