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01-16-2012, 05:41 AM
Originally Posted by wiitastic View Post
Ok listen up cryptic your gonna have a run for your money with SWTOR now up and running.

Before STO fans start whining I'm a lifer here and I gotta say the last few months have been depressing to say the least..

SWTOR is releasing 1.1 patch on the 17th of this month with TWO new content missions..
To put things into perspective - STO released the first content also relatively soon after release. The STFs and a new PvP map were added relatively quickly after launch.

The problem is that this PvP map and the STFs are basically the only additions to the respective aspects. (Oh, wait, there is the Terradome STF, which IIRC is mostly broken and Gozer mentioned it may be turned into a regular storyline mission). Let's hope TOR will do better than that.

- storyline provides a compelling reason to do a quest.
- storyline does not provide a compelling reason to repeat a quest. (branching dialogs are interesting in this respect, you can't branch "that" many times)

The "end-game" is basically the dictionary definition of repetition. If the reason for someone to play a game is just storyline then it's difficult to see how the end-game is ever going to work.
Maybe MMOs are wrong if they focus so much on endgame, and should put out more story? Of course, you can't produce story as fast as people consume it, but maybe that's not a big problem, as long as they come back monthly?

[STO space combat is fun without a plot, the same cannot be said of any form of SWTOR combat that I've played]
I may agree for PvP, but in single player, it gets a little tedious. I flew through tons of Exploration space missions, but in the end, they are much to identical. Fleet Actions may be somewhat better, since there are tons of enemy ships. But still...