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01-16-2012, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Crio_Ijoula
I noticed that many of the items that could be purchased from the C-Store are now character unlock, that were formerly account-wide unlocks, such as ships, special bridge officers, and things like that. Additionally, the prices went up for most of these things, making it that much more expensive for paying subscribers. So, after thinking long and hard, I have a couple ideas for this situation that I'd like to think would be appealing for Gold (paid / lifetime subscription) players.

*Gold Player Perks*
> A continuous 50% discount on EVERYTHING in the C-Store.
> Purchasing ships, unique BOffs, unique tribbles, extra ship, BOff, DOff, bank, and inventory slots applies these to the entire account and not just per character.
Some ships are now character unlock? I guess was right to be done with the C-Store now.