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01-16-2012, 09:25 AM
1. You've got a nice little cruiser. But every Excelsior-R can easily outdamage you with 8 arrays, 2 * EPtW1, DEM etc.

It's not a cruiser, it's an escort. Additionally, your slow turning Excelsior-R would bring 4 beams to bear on me versus my 7. I'm doing the math, but can't figure out how it works out. When I take into account that it only has 3 tac consoles and 1 tac Lt. Commander Boff, I'm utterly dumbfounded. The Excelsior can easily out heal this build, but it's a cruiser and that's the point of a cruiser -tank.

2. You use 4 BO skills that share the same cooldown. The Tac Ensign slot that has little to no use in your build, right? How often do you use BFaW1? I'd prefer the Fleet Escort with an Eng slot (i.e. EPtS1 or another EPtW1 if you like it so much).

I use the Tactical Ensign slot every single time a shield facing drops around 20% to buff it and receive extra DPS.

3. Every tried an EPS console instead of one of the armors? It really helps to increase your weapon weapon power by regenerating the power drain faster since your beams' cooldown will overlapse.

As far as I know, the +18 to energy weapons helps shields, but I could be completely wrong and thus I will experiment more. I admit, the 2 Neutroniums are possibly the weakest part of the build, but BOTH of them help when mobbed and receiving beam damage.

4. SB24 is no real reference.

It references the amount of DPS dealt.

5. Do you play elite STFs? Guess not.


6. Beam Escorts are superior in 1on1s since you fire on your target almost all the time while a cannon escort has problems to get you in the front arc. No doubt about it.. But it suffers against multiple opponents.
How's your damage compared to someone with 2 DHC / 3 Turrets who cycles Rapid Fire or Scatter Volley 1 and 3, a DBB with two Beam Overload 3 and a Quantum launcher with Torpedo Spread 1 and 2? my guess is around 45-55%.

I don't have the dilithium for a fleet escort. Furthermore, the fire at will has a 15 second cool down before the other one is available. I use these more often than the beam overload for 2 or more targets. When I need more DPS on a single ship, I'll use the beam overload. Additionally, the reason I have the Beam Arrays is the fire arc and I have noticed that the DBB has the same draw backs as the DHC's.

7. I'd drop the cloaking device. How often do you actually use it in an STF?

I use this between each set of mobs/gates/etc. in the STF's. (So A LOT) Combined with fire at will and attack pattern omega, I do Massive overall DPS.

Again, try it out before you knock it. I don't know why or how, but I crit for over 14,000 on every target I get into hull. A sudden crit of over 14,000 takes the place of a well placed torpedo assault.