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# 161 Nagus Missions
01-16-2012, 09:54 AM
As we wait for FTP - we research deeper into the mysteries of outer space, and inner minds!

I found these missions from the Daily report well as the event section in available missions.

I hope to create a missions will add some nice flavor to my game playing. I have had some experience with mission building but not alot..

May I say that I look for missions that do not last 1/2 hour to say 45 hour mission is too long for the rewards (?) obtained? What about the balance of rewards and mission time?

One of my episode missions for lvl 6 I think (I am LtCdr 11) was abit difficult for my away team but I have to learn skills to compensate for that.

In the foundry missions listing it would be nice to see the approximate length of time the mission will take; at this point I cant see doing player missions that last longer than 1/2 hour.

I think dialogue needs to be short and to the point; most people want action, and roleplay always takes a back seat.

I would like to see more roleplay though, but excessive dialogue is troublesome...mission details could be explicit in the beginning...

These are only suggestions in general not directed to the Nagus Daily missions.

The first 2 Nagus Dailys were very good all the way around. I did have a problem (?) in wanting to repeat a foundry mission (one of the Nagus Dailys) on Wolf system; I went in after about a minute and the ships didnt respawn; went again after a few more minutes - no mission...this may be by design...

A mission shouldnt be repeatable immediately after you just did it so maybe there is a timer on the foundry missions, or even better once a Foundry mission is accepted there should be a timer on that mission that you cannot repeat it for 12 or 24 hours...even though I like to go right back in and repeat missions, it makes it too easy...all missions should have timers (note to STO) for doing them over except for patrol missions maybe...

The explore dailys have mission explore system respawns that are different each time so there is no major repeatability factor there.

Awesome work here on the Nagus missions...everyone does great on these Foundry missions and I cant wait to be a part of a new story line for you all!

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