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01-16-2012, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by Galan_Vaurek

I know there was already a response to this, but.. the video linked, was short, and not very clear..

Try these:

I was so impressed with APB I bought a copy when I was still in Beta with the game... before it died, and was resurrected as a F2P game.

To be honest, the character creator in Eve Online is amazing too:

I guess then the obvious issue is... there seem to be a portion of the community that is dissatisfied with the character creator we have in our game.

It's also obvious that other games, even MMOs, have the ability to have amazing character creators.

The questions then become... WHY don't we have a better creator? CAN WE get a creator similar to the ones people have been pointing to in this thread? If so, WHEN can we see some improvement?

It was stated before that we were going to get better hair-tech. It was a good while back, so it's probably one of those issues that went the way of the dinosaur, but.. with all the CYA things surrounding F2P issues... is there any hope of the devs commenting on these issues?

Ok, i have to that that Eve: Incursion's character creation mode is freaking awesome. The sculpting option that lets you make any small section of the body leaner or fatter is quite cool. To be honest, Galan, I think it would be too much programming for Cryptic to handle. However, the APB and EVE muscularity option for upper and lower body could certainly be included. This is how Cryptic could do it:

1. Lets use STO Torso scaling options as an example. Within the torso scaling, there is torso bulk and shoulder bulk. If muscularity was included, it would make both of these proportionately more muscular at the same time. At the same time, you would have the option to click on the custom button that would let you adjust each of these individually. The same would apply to hand and arm bulk. Muscularity would effect both.

Should width and leg length would turn into a tall or short bar that allows one to create a more proportionate tall or short person. If you wanted to to, you could hit the custom button and adjust each individually.

Cryptic could also include a large to small person bar that lumped leg length, torso width, and shoulder width all together. Again, you could tweak these indvidually but this bar would let you adjust all three in a more proportionate manner.

2. The costume page needs to be changed, too. Instead of having one long column of options, divide the upper body custome options into 2 or three separate menus that would fit into 2x2 or 3x3 mini windows in the top-left and top-right corners while your character stays in the middle of the screen.

3. The head, eyes, and nose options on the first page also need a retooling. Have a small main menu window in the top-left portion of the screen with the following options 1. head, 2. eyes, and 3 nose. When I go to click on the head option, another sub menu pops up right beside that menu or below that reads nose, mouth, lips, brow, jaw, chin, cheeks, nostrils, eyes. When I click on any of these options, another sub menu will show up in the top-right corner that lets me adjust the nose options, for example.

4. Hair would follow the same kind of menu interface that the head options do but could be included in it's own section once the new hair tech is introduced.

In other words, STO's character creation would stil involve 4 different sections you have to go through, but maneuvering through them would be much easier and the interface would be much more cleaned up. I don't see how this could take Cryptic more than a month to include. Cryptic, could we please get a response on this?