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01-16-2012, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Krenn View Post
the star wars fanboi again? did anyone tell him that the command to fire up the warp drive is engage and not "punch it". "punch it" is from star wars, not Star Trek. hopefully he'll keep all references to sw out this time, and even watched one TOS episode, tho I highly doubt it
Because Ripley also didn't say "Punch It" to Bishop in Aliens, and the Millennium Falcon totally didn't get a cameo in the big space battle in First Contact. I'd rather let Abrams keep doing his thing and lets avoid seeing stuff like Chris Pine fight a guy in a crappy rubber suit or see Spock mind meld with a 60's throw rug.

Originally Posted by KoshiirRa View Post
JJ Abrams makes Star Trek? I'm sorry, but that abomination of a movie in 2009 was not Star Trek. It was lens flares, explosions, action, and fast pacing. That does not make a good science fiction film, contrary to what Michael Bay may think.

Then again, I'm a TNG fan. I prefer my scifi to make me want to think.
And those abominations called Insurrection & Nemesis were Star Trek? People just cant seem to accept that the old way of doing Trek simply wasn't working anymore.