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01-16-2012, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by Omega273
Would cutting the router out of the equation have an effect.

Currently the internet comes into the building ... then goes through a wired system to each of the flats ...

It then comes out of the wall as a network cable and goes into a DI-524 DLINK router.

From there it goes again via a network cable to my main PC.

Would it help to take the cable straight from the wall to my PC.

I would then have to introduce a firewall for my PC (prob zonealarm) Does anyone know if this would help?
The delays of a directly wired connecton to a router is negligable. Most of the issues of latency comes from 'shared' bandwidth, which is not the case here... (The exception is the use of 'wireless' routers, where you can get conflicts in the use of the shared 'wireless frequncy' bandwidth...)