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01-16-2012, 03:53 PM
The difference between the Defiant and the Intrepid is that the Defiant has Ablative armor, whereas the Intrepid has an ablative generator. Ablative armor technology had been around for a long time (it exists in real life) although the Defiant was the first ship to have it incorporated as a design standard. The ablative generator was the new technology from the future.

That is, the ablative armor is actual hull plating on the ship that is designed to ablate away under fire to absorb incoming energy. Presumably this armor would get damaged/ablated over time, and need to be periodically repaired/replaced.

The ablative generator is a device which fabricates an ablative shell from energy, kind of like a replicator, and is not an actual part of the ship's hull. Theoretically the generator (and hence the ablative coating) can be reused indefinitely once the generator "recharges" or whatever.

Regarding the game mechanics, I am not convinced that having the ablative generator as a toggle would make the ship OP. As was stated you cannot fire phasers while protected, and also the universal cooldown on the torpedoes severely limits the practicality of an all-torp build*

*the exception is the Breen Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo Launcher, which do not operate on a shared cooldown and thus can be installed in every slot, giving you (relatively) rapid-fire torpedoes. Unfortunately either the transphasics don't work right or just have crappy DPS but attacking a ship using only transphasic torpedoes is not super effective. I've ground out 6 RRTTLs and tried them on the intrepid and while it was fun, it was also not very OP. Sure you'd never really die due to the ablative armor, but you wouldn't also really kill anything.