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01-16-2012, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
OK, I just did some significant testing with the Escort Beam Boat Build courtesy Pardigm.

It is indeed a quality build but with a few small changes:

Fleet Escort

Forward Weapons: 4x Beam Arrays
Rear Weapons: 3x Beam Arrays

Engineering Consoles: EPS Console, Neutronium Console, Field Generator MK XI (+35% shield capacity)
Science Consoles: Science Consoles: Assimilated Module (Borg Console), Biofunction Monitor (Or Grappler OR Impulse Capacitance Cell)
Tactical Consoles: 4x of the Energy Weapon type you are using (Ex. Phaser Relay, Plasma Infuser, etc.)

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator (defensive buff, similar to Brace for Impact) plus one of the Following - Red Matter Capacitor, Rechargeable Shield Battery, Scorpion Fighters, or Shield batteries

Bridge Officer Skills -

Commander Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Target Shield Subsystems 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Lt. Commander Tactical: Tac Team 1, Fire at Will 2, Beam Overload 3
Lt. Science: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Lt. Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Ensign Engineering: Emergency Power to Weapons 1

Run FULL power to Weapons for your power levels.

My testing of this build:

I had to use Polaron beams cause well, thats what I have, and not all of them were purple mk xi. I also had 4x Polaron tac consoles. I DON'T have Target Shield Subsystems 3, and if I did I'd switch that and the Attack Pattern Beta.

I first tested in Station 24 as suggested, received 2nd place even though I entered late. Tried again later, got first place. The good thing about this build for Station 24 is hitting multiple targets at once, but you don't KILL them very quickly like with a scatter volley/torp spread build. I strongly suspect my normal build will easily beat this build in Station 24.

I next tested it in Cure Space Normal. Damage was sufficient to kill BoP's and Raptors headed to the Kang. I could also do significant damage to the Probes under the cubes due to Power to Weapons along with the Attack Patterns. I could also **** the Cubes shields with the beams and Target Shield subsystems, which is nice. The Overload 3 is also good for big hits against single targets, more damage than your average torpedo hit but at the cost of loosing weapon power for a little while (best for finishing off targets).

After that, I tested it on Infected Space Elite. It did quite well at tanking most everything even the Tactical Cube at the end. I spend FAR MORE time with this build at FULL IMPULSE than with the other builds, meaning using this setup you can do MORE damage while going FAST and keeping up your +miss stats. Also with the tac cube, damage is way down but the shield stripping ability and additional Attack Patterns makes this pretty effective against large single targets. Its a VERY good layout if you run in a quality team consistently as it works best as a Team-player build.

Lastly, I tested it in Khitomer Accord Space Normal. I wanted to see how well I could SOLO one side like I do with my normal build. It did pretty well, however I didn't do as much damage and ended up fighting one extra wave of Probes during the same amount of time it takes me to take down one Transformer myself (I have a specific pattern I use when SOLOing a side in KA space, it works damn well). I had slightly more defense due to being able to keep moving, but killing the Probes and Spheres was more difficult (Can't 1-shot a GROUP of probes with this build!).

Overall... I say this build IS worth trying out, and I'm going to add it to the list

Note: Running this build is WAY WAY WAY better than some of the other mixed-beam builds people have posted. I've tried those before, and they just don't work well at all. Try this instead if you hate cannons.
A BEAM BUILD, FOR AN ESCORT??? You might as well just go get a cruiser if you don't like cannons.