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01-16-2012, 10:24 PM
Hi All,

I'm up to page four on this thread studying away with great intrest. I hadn't done any of th Season 5 PvE's until a few days ago and up to now was stuck on flying an advanced escort. Since reading the first few pages (over and over again) of this thread I've swithced to a fleet escort, U.S.S. Rawlins XI. It started out a little ruff but this thread has REALLY helped.

One thing I didn't see much of was anything about key binds. I got this idea today while trying to set up a joy stick with NO luck. I found a very good thread in the forums about key binds and gave it a try. With the key binds I've cut my deaths down to a very low minimum and my kill speed has really improved.

Here's what i ended up doing, I may go buy an X-Box controller tomorrow and try on that too. I can always take it back if it doesn't, right?

Fire All Weapons ---- Mouse Right button double click.
Distribute Shield power ---- Mouse Right button click.
Cannon Scatter Volley 3 ---- Mouse Right button press.
Torpedo Spread 2 ---- Mouse Right button drag.
Cannon Rapid Fire 2 ---- mouse Middle button press.

With this setup, my shileds (Aegis) stay up a lot longsr and the ship almost never stops firing. Pretty Cool!