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01-17-2012, 05:37 AM
same here just downloaded the game yesterday and cant update it since, considering the game's final size is around 11GB and the client on the download page is only 3.6 ~ GB then i have ALOT of downloading to do and i cant cuz im getting "unable to establish a connection with the patch server" and some other error with non-responsive state thingy. there is no way on earth that im gonna catch the F2P opening and i was really looking forward to play today so just wondering......WTF is going on??!!!
The least that can be done is....wait let me think...."SAY SOMETHING" like there is an issue with our update server we're working on it. ******it i dont know why u people release a half installation for download would it kill you if you just released it all at once in one installation instead we're stuck here...happy now
Thank you very much......