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01-17-2012, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Ok, i have to that that Eve: Incursion's character creation mode is freaking awesome. The sculpting option that lets you make any small section of the body leaner or fatter is quite cool. To be honest, Galan, I think it would be too much programming for Cryptic to handle. However, the APB and EVE muscularity option for upper and lower body could certainly be included. This is how Cryptic could do it:

No, I understand that to take our Character Creator to the "Eve" level wouldn't be prudent. But my point in including it, is I've heard in the past that single player games could have in-depth character creation far superior to those on MMOs because of the amount of data that is transferred and having potentially thousands of players in the same 'area.' But, Eve and APB are both MMOs, so that sort of nix's that. Heck, even the **** character creator is 'better' in that the characters look drastically different.

As I've said numerous times on these boards.. the biggest issue in having the characters look so similar is the facial textures. I know you can change the shapes of the faces somewhat.. but with only 2 textures, with the added, what, five aged textures.. human characters look like brothers at least, if not clones.

We need more variety of facial textures at the very least... and that seems like a 'fix' that should be relatively easy, and quick to implement instead of a huge overhaul of the creation system... lol

I am hoping that with the money increase that's bound to go with the F2P changes.. Hopefully we'll get some much needed character creator love.