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01-17-2012, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by sdangelo View Post
In fact, story content will mostly be coming through the featured episodes (with somewhere between 9 and 13 episodes next year as per above). I'm working hard to get in more special events (like the Q's Winter Wonderland), more calendar events (like the Mirror Universe or Starfleet Academy), more content that is repeatable (like the STFs), and more fun little weekend events (like the recent Duty Officer weekend).
I don't think that repeatable events/content are necessarily that good. Sure they can be fun, but are they fun enough to do over and over and over and OVER again?

I think that story content doesn't have to be FEs only. I've said it before, and I may say it again - holding every piece of content to the FE standard is going to prevent content from coming out quickly enough. Not every mission needs a cut scene; not every mission needs a voice over; not every mission needs to be tied to four other missions. Even a bunch of smaller, standalone missions would satisfy me. Sure, we're not getting the main storyline advanced with something like that, but then again, the Breen/Deferi missions didn't advance it either.