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01-17-2012, 10:38 AM
Don't use Tykens, just get a second grav well! I haven't used Tykens in ages, but iirc it mostly does an energy drain and only a tiny amount of kinetic damage. Energy drains are almost entirely worthless against AI enemies and in pvp you're still better off going for damage. WIth my skills and consoles right now I'm getting around 1500 kinetic damage out of it.

I might also throw in a second particle generator and nix the graviton. I've found that the inherent immobilization of gw is usually enough to catch enemies, so the damage is better.

I'm also not sure about the timers vs. the power of the heal, but you might swap one of your engineering teams for emergency to structural integrity, since they're on separate timers and both can be cast on allies. All three "teams" have the same timer so you can't heal shield and hull simultaneously as you've got it set up.

Don't know much about tetryon weapons though. What situations are you using photonic shockwave for? In STFs the disable would be good, but anything that sends enemies in all directions is generally pretty bad news. Other than that, looks good to me! Definitely set up as a tank with a little bit of crowd control and a few team heals.