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Since I was allowed back in last week for headstar F2P, I haven't logged into the game once and when I checked, I don't even have it installed

When I tried to analys why, I came to the conclusion that with me spending my time between TOR and Skyrim and only a few months to go before ME3 and Diablo 3 are released, I am not sure where STO fits in.

That said, for nearly 2 years their isn't a day that goes by without me reading these forums and the sad reason why is that I have found them more enjoyable then the game itself.

I do admit to love getting out my defiant and shooting for 30 mins or so, however when I think of the hours spent reading the forums, I released that the money I spent on the game and on the few times I have subbed, I have enjoyed my sparing, rambling, argueing and generally responding to posts then I ever did in playing the game.

Is it just me or have others had fun on the forums or enjoyed them more than the game?

Okay, yep, it's just me I think. I love STO forum, but not a fan of the game.

Still, I listen to the Instance pod cast and still do and have done for the last 2 years and I haven't played WoW for the last 2 years so maybe I am just a sad old man