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Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Question: When an assignment has a specialization listed as its "Success" category, do I need a DO of that type for the mission? For example, a science mission might say I need a research scientist for "success". The only one I have is white quality, but a random purple science DO gives +20% to rewards or whatever, and increases the little pie chart's success chance. If I use the purple DO, will the mission succeed, even though the purple DO isn't a research scientist? So far my assignments seem to fail, but I seem to recall seeing something on the forums that indicates purples are better, even if they don't match the success requirement?
Success criteria - almost always specialization - impact the chance of Success. Critical criteria - almost always traits - impact the chance of Critical Success.

So, if you put a duty officer with the traits but not the requested specialization, you might see the Success chance stay at 65% but the Critical Success jump from 5% to 10%.

Some assignments slipped through the cracks and are still using the old math, however, so if you run up against any whose numbers barely budge, just flag them here in the forums and I will make sure they get looked at.