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Originally Posted by Fajo2u
Ok first things first lets correct some things.

The Defiant from D9 Does not have Ablative Armor it has a thickened hull they talk about this in a few episodes the hull is just more thick or more Armored then a normal hull is.
LOL. You have no idea what you're saying. Yes the USS Defiant has "ablative armor" and it is what it's armor. And yes armor on top of a normal hull does make it thicker. But ablative armor is NOT just a more thicker hull. IT IS ARMOR.

Ablative armor was specifically mentioned in DS9 during the failed coup attempt by Admiral Leyton, Captain Erika Benteen who credited the Defiant's ablative armor with thwarting attempts by the USS Lakota to disable and prevent the Defiant from reaching Earth. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

Also the ablative armor used on the Defiant is not the same as the ablative-generator used on Voyager in "Endgame".

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual clarifies what ablative armor is by describing it as an armor designed to disintegrate at a controlled rate under directed energy blasts, providing an additional layer of defense for starships.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual also suggests that the Galaxy-class was fitted with an ablative hull layer, with "the outermost hull layer...composed of a 1.6 cm sheet of AGP ablative ceramic fabric chemically bonded onto a substrate of 0.15 cm tritanium foil. This material is formed into segments of approximately 3.7 m2 and is attached to the radiation attenuation layer by a series of duranium fasteners, which allows individual segments to be replaced as necessary."

However the concept drawing of Admiral Janeway's shuttle by Rick Sternbach described the future armor as Nanotech Molecular armor plating that was created by a special shield emitter.