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01-17-2012, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Yeah, I hear you on the the significant lack of age presets. More than brothers and sisters, it makes us all just look like younger or older versions of ourselves. My question to you is, other than more facial textures, what sorts of facial features would you want? For example, would you want a freckles bar? Maybe a droopiness bar ( face lift or lack of)? I certainly think we should have more customization options for the ears and the eyes. Ears, for example, could be stretched out or enlarged. Plus, like Leviathan says, we should have way more ear presets.

Another thing you should be able to do is create hybrids. Andorian/human or Klingon/human hybrids would allow us to put human hair on Klingon presets or vice versa.
I'll try to take your points separately here...

In my very limited experience with 3D graphics, they can use textures, specular and diffusion maps to accomplish a lot of the 'aging' that I think you're wanting, for age spots and wrinkling.

As far as a 'freckle bar' I think freckles can be accommodated with texturing rather than a bar.. to me, that'd be unnecessary coding for a simple solution of just adding the face/body textures with freckles.

I definitely agree on eye options! There's a huge palette of colors that can be applied to the eyes in-game, but the coloring doesn't seem to work very well. They come thru very muted, like the color itself is competing with the actual texture.

Ears being stretched is a difficult proposition, because from what I can tell everything is meshed and then textured which for static models is fine. When stretching a mesh/model the texture applied also stretches, and trust me, that can be absolutely horrid.

As an aside.. there's a free 3D program called DazStudio. They have a pretty cool program and some free meshes and textures.. give a go, and you'll see what I mean with texture stretching.

I don't know the program that Cryptic uses ... but the guys at Eve had e really cool (to me) presentation last year at one of the fan fests...

The video is long, almost an hour.. but they discuss some of their processes on how they do their character creation program.. I just kind of wish the devs here had similar abilities.

I really like the game play here. For the most part I like the story lines as well.. to me the character just look.. well, not as good as they could I suppose.

The hybrid hair thing..

Depending on *how* they upgrade the hair tech... this could solve that issue completely. Just have preset areas on the mesh that can "grow hair" , then have settings for length, kink, density and color (maybe not the density). Then you're set for different races with different hair styles, and growth locations.

Klingons, Cardassians and Denobulans seem to have a sufficiently problematic hair in game... lol