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01-17-2012, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Just to clarify: starbases, work on PvP, more fleet functionality and a crafting revamp are all actually on the schedule now, but they are all VERY big projects, and will take quite some time to develop. As with the duty officer system, expect them to roll out in parts, as well.
I have a really hard time believing you to be completely honest. I preordered and am a Lifetime subscriber and have played the game the whole time, up until recently. You guys PROMISED pvp content for 2 years and didn't deliver anything at all except a ground map. You acually even removed a space pvp map in beta, and never added it back in. You have rebuilt the ENTIRE game since beta and are now talking about ANOTHER crafting revamp. I feel as if you guys seriously threw players like myself under the bus to draw in a new crowd for the F2P bs, and have spent ZERO work on pvp. You've revamped the skill tree TWICE in 3 or 4 months but couldn't be bothered to add a space pvp map or new pvp game mode, let alone a REAL open pvp system. You even changed game systems with NO idea how it would effect stuff like BOFF powers ingame and told us to be "patient" for fixes, almost 2 years into the game. As a matter of fact the game has been in constant state of being "fixed" since it was released with very little content inbetween. Remember the supposed 1 a month episodes we were supposed to get. Because of the way your development team has handled the previous community before your "purge" by changing major game system with no reason other than to line your pockets with more money from new customers who will feel the same way eventually. I will never buy another cryptic product again, nor will I spend another cent on your game. But you have my money already so I imagine you probably could care less what my opinion is, but that happened to be my whole point, you just dont really care about your paying customers and that is why you fail. I really hoped you would have proven me wrong 6 months ago and I gave you a chance, but no dice. Goodbye and good luck to all the friends I made that I left behind.