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01-17-2012, 06:53 PM
The Captain's Yact, Peregrime Fighter, and Delta Flyer are shuttles like the Danube-class runabout that's always been in the game. There's also the Tal'kyr that comes for free with the Vulcan ship, the Type-8 which you get for free when you do the mission The Vault in the Romulan front, and the Class-F which is part of the TOS bundle.

They're basically very limited ships with two forward weapon slots, ensign only bridge slots (usually only 1, but a the Delta and Tal'kyr have two), and usually a built in power.

These are flyable ships, currently only used in the Romulan front mission The Vault, though if the pattern continues future feature episodes will likely include shuttle missions.

Unlike most ships, you can switch to shuttles without going back to starbase. Go to your bridge, and take the turbolift to the engineering deck. In the transporter room, an NPC will let you switch to any shuttle in your ship list. When you're done with the shuttle, you can go to its "bridge" and one of your boffs will be there to let you switch back to your main ship.