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01-17-2012, 08:45 PM
Billing Information, Cryptic Points, Perfect World Zen:

Subscription related issues have to currently go through Cryptic's payment system, not Perfect World's.

If you are signed into the Cryptic website with your Cryptic or PWE account, you can use a credit card or Paypal for subscriptions. then go to My Account.

Cryptic Points can also be purchased from the My Account page Cryptic accounts have credit card or PayPal payment options, while PWE account holders will be redirected to the PWE Zen site, where you can transfer ZEN into Cryptic and PWE games.

Perfect World's system accepts a variety of payment types for Zen.

The various payments types are listed here:

Charging or paying for prepaid cards for Perfect World's ZEN is great for ALL of our products, not just STO. You can put the Zen in your wallet, and then choose which game, server, etc you want the Zen to be applied too.


I hope this helps you all some. If you guys have any problems with billing issues or technical support problems on the forums, please feel free to contact us.

You can do so here: or here:

Or, you can send us an email to

If you send us an email, PLEASE include as much information as you can about your problem.

Which game, where in the game, what your install, download, update, connection, Windows, hardware, software, antivirus, login and similar problems are.


(thanks to the Cryptic and PWE folks who helped with this info)