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01-18-2012, 02:33 AM
Okay so I have the latency problems so many other have.

I contacted my ISP ... Just an email with my Tracert, and Nettest results in.

I asked them to change the route and shorten the number of steps to the patch server and asked them to help with the bandwidth.

I got NO reply ... BUT ... I now have 6-7 less hops to the server and my bandwidth is better ... its not at the 500kb/s range (Its 200kb / 15kb / 200kb) ... and I still get a little rubber banding but the game is definitely playable.

So I guess my ISP was listening.

I hope this is a permanent fix ... Time will tell I guess.

So I recommend a polite request email to your ISP's tech support department with the tracert + nettest results pasted in. Requesting less steps / an alternate route and help with bandwidth issues.

They might not reply but give them a few days and run your tracert/nettest again.