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01-18-2012, 04:51 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Just to clarify: starbases, work on PvP, more fleet functionality and a crafting revamp are all actually on the schedule now, but they are all VERY big projects, and will take quite some time to develop. As with the duty officer system, expect them to roll out in parts, as well.
Heretic we are glad to hears that type of words, but unfortunately they are the same words that we heard in the last 2 years, we hope that's words will become true.
if the PVP will be rises with new content like territory control make sure to fix the skill balancing and the various OP things before all.
if the next PVP structure will afflict the galaxy map like, for example, if every fleet or every facion will have their territory, you shouldn't have an unbalanced gameplay like it's now.
otherwise you will have the last mass rage quit of the pvp community....just my 2 cent