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01-18-2012, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by Shonto
Not if it is refreshed every hour. Ones need should not overshadow everyone else's need. I find it hard to believe that some would always truly need everything dropped, because it is usually not matching gear (how many engines do some people need?).
Because most of the time people who "need" don't "need" it. They just want to get all the loot so they can sell it. They should pick Greed - but they don't. This has been a problem with the Need/Greed system for years, when they realize that need gets priority, they pick Need anyway so they can sell the loot.

It's why (not the MMO I like to bring up) WoW had that "Master Looter" system come out - it allowed someone to control who got what, so that way you don't get "ninja looters" who wait to see if anyone needs something, wait until they all greed, then they hit "need" to steal the item to sell it.