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01-18-2012, 09:37 AM
The need option should be removed completely.

Going with just greed or pass ensures that they’ll be no loot sniping

It gets tiring to watch players hit need on everything and then hear them say hold up a sec, I need to clear inventory during the mission

A day or so ago I was running KA Ground Elite and our group had one member that just kept needing on everything (including the junk) so I started clicking Need right after they wood every time only to have the player complain that I should need any of the stuff at all.

I was able to convince the rest of the squad to just go need on all drops so that they at least got a fair shake at getting anything.

The loot system is currently flawed and I’d suggest that until its fixed start encouraging the teams that you end up with to just adopt the Need or Pass Option on all drops at the start of whatever mission that you’re doing.

More and more loot snipers are popping up every day and our current loot system just makes it easy for them to take advantage of players who follow the greed or pass system.

How hard would it be for Cryptic to just gray out the need option and make it of selectable?