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01-18-2012, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by Shonto
It seems a waste to have the need or greed option when some people always hit need.

If the Devs added a bonus for the first three Need rolls every hour, wouldn't that stop everyone from hitting need every time when looting? A cumulative penalty for every need roll would work also.
When people are selling stuff on the AH for millions of EC's, most people will need everything, even if its to repliicate it for a few credits... How else does a Lt. Commander afford nearly a million credits to get his ship running on blues.

OK, let's look at kitting out a Lt. Commander's ship in blue gear from the AH

2xbeams = 160,000 (80k each)
1x torp = 150,000
1x resil shield = 100,000
1x engine = 75,000
1x deflector = 75,000

That's half a milliion for blue MKIV gear and you haven't even thought about your consoles...

So say 3/4 of a million ECs to kit out a new toon with MKIV blue gear.

Let's look at purples...

2xbeams = 1,800,000 (900k each)
1x torp = 700,000
1x resil shield = 200,000
1x engine = 1,800,000
1x Deflector = 250,000

Nearly 5 million EC's for purple stuff on a Lt. Commander's ship, again without even looking at consoles...

I see why people click need on everything and I can see where the greedy people really are in the game without a dice roll.