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01-18-2012, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by TheTrekkingAngel
When people are selling MKIV Blues for 500,000 EC's most people need everything, even if its to repliicate it for a few credits... How else does a Lt. Commander afford 500,000 for 1 beam...

2xbeams = 500,000
1xtorp = 500,000
1shield = 500,000
1engine = 500,000
1deflector = 500,000

That's 3 milliion for blue MKIV gear and you haven't even thought about your consoles... could prbably add another 2 million on to that for them.

So 5 million to kit out a new toon with MKIV blue gear, Yes I need everything and always will....

Are you on the same exchange i shop on? I been paying 10-20k for blue mkX consoles. I honestly dont know about the beams, but always leveled with whites. Never could tell the difference till RA anyway. Unless your in an elite commander level PVP team.