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01-18-2012, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by darthpanda16 View Post
It is lower cost for companies to distribute their gigabytes of games via Pando networks instead of directly. Pando can also handle a much larger demand and simultaneous downloads. When you have most players on free to play games, that are playing for free, the bandwidth does cost money.

Example from a company's point of view: Would you rather pay 12 cents a gigabyte for your program being downloaded, or 3 cents (I don't know the exact costs, but it is a big difference) ? If each game is 2-5GB each, and you have millions of people downloading it, it adds up.

You can uninstall Pando in Windows control panel and not have to worry with it anymore until a next major update. Computer users should always be aware of the programs running on their systems, hence why Task Manager and Hijackthis are great resources. It is ultimately up to the end user to be proactive and responsibly take care of their property. No one else can make someone take care of one's own hardware.

I understand your frustration from a player AND tech support perspective. From a business and bandwidth perspective, I understand the reasoning for choosing Pando.
While the above is all true, it is still against the law to install unauthorized software on any computer system without explicit consent of the owner (thankfully the initial installer noted that PMB was required and that clicking download was tantamount to explicit consent--for that download). I backed out as soon as I saw
PMB, and went and got my install cd from last year.

If an update ever does install PMB on my system without notifying me and allowing me to stop immediately I will have to contact my state attorney general and a lawyer.

I'm very hostile towards PMB (if you can't tell,lol). A lot of less reputable games didn't used to even make note that PMB was being installed alongside their game downloads (they've always added notification after correspondence with me and others concerned about unauthorized software installations).

I understand from the business side why they would use PMB, I don't understand why they wouldn't also release a torrent of their own. Either way, businesses have to act inside the bounds of the law.

TLDR: Always notify users that the bloatware known as PMB is being installed AND give them an option to back out, even if it means not updating the game/continuing to play. (Some companies have tried in the past to "sneak install" PMB.)