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# 1 Any decent defiant setups?
01-18-2012, 10:56 AM
Hey all.

Just got a defiant, wondering what to kit it with and what bo powers to set it up with.

Currently i have on is 2 tet dc and 1 elctro plasma heavy dc and a photon all level VI. Then i have on rear a cony aft phaser the levelless ones from cstore cony and a hargh torp level VI.

Def - [Positron Deflector Array Mk VI [Em]]
Impulse - [Efficient Impulse Engines Mk VI]
Shields - [Paratrinic Shield Array Mk VI]

Eng - Victorium V uncommon
Sci - Sens Probes VI
Tact: 3 prefire chambers mark VI uncommon ones,

Devices - RM Cap and the subspace thing


Tact - Spread 1, cannon scatter, volley and volley 3
Tact - Tact Team
Eng - Eng team and Reverse Shield Pol
Sci - Sci Team, Jam TS

Lookin for a nice dps boat if poss. Dont have access or credits to get the very best stuff but uncommon for now will be probably obtainable for it all of course if i can save and not replace things id like that option as im captain 30 atm, and about to do Hunting the hunters if u wana know where i am up to mission wise, i dont pvp at all cept with a mate, and he is VA and has all the top gear so no point matching him in this.