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01-18-2012, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Kant_Lavar
The Captain-level Tactical Escort doesn't, you're correct. And, per the Treaty of Algeron, the only Defiant-class ship that was equipped with a cloak was the Defiant herself, and it was supposed to only be used in the Gamma Quadrant (this was pretty much winked at after the Klingons went to war against the Cardassians in DS9).

That having been said, the Vice Admiral level Tactical Escort Retrofit (which, yes, is a C-store item) does come with a cloaking device console.

And, spoiler alert. The Rear Admiral level Advanced Escort (Prometheus-class and variants) don't have Multi Vector Assault Mode. Again, though, there is a Vice Admiral level retrofit that does in the C-store.
Also, spoiler alert: there is no Romulan government. It's collapsed. There have been factions engaged in civil war in the anarchic remains of the Romulan Empire but of the two most prominent leaders, one got assimilated and the other one got kidnapped.

There's no one for us to have a cloak treaty with.