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01-18-2012, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by matcap View Post
Heretic we are glad to hears that type of words, but unfortunately they are the same words that we heard in the last 2 years, we hope that's words will become true.
While I understand skeptical sentiments stemming out of the fallout from the fluid and constantly adjusting nature of the development process, as well as Cryptic's policy supporting development transparency in many areas of development, understand that it is not my intention to try to convince anyone or promise anything. What you decide to believe is of course your own privilege.

I am not a PR guy - just a development guy.

Although I definitely appreciate the ancillary community benefit from my communications with the player base, the primary goal of my communications is to maintain a steady stream of user feedback and player reactions to iterations of the design process, which in turn allow me and the rest of the team to more quickly and effectively tune and refine the system design.

Development is a very fluid beast, which is why most companies as a matter of policy tend to be leery of passing on information at an early stage. Schedules change, priorities evolve, plans mutate the moment implementation begins. Unfortunately, this sometimes gets interpreted as deliberate deception, but the reality is that it is a function of the way development works in a live environment.

Starbases, PvP, and Department Heads/First Officers are on the current development schedule for me to work on this year. They are all big, complex beasts, however, and things change as circumstances and resources become available or tied up, so none of them will be even on Tribble any time very soon.

As I wrap up my work on the DS9 related duty officer work, I will begin working more actively on these systems. As was done with the duty officer system, the current plan is to continue this style of communication in an effort to make the final design the best that it can be, and I welcome the community's input and participation as part of that ongoing process.