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01-18-2012, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
i dont need everything i pass almost everything. Infact I see more people greed than ever need. How do you know said person doesnt need money?

How do you prove when a person truly needs something or not?
I try to give the benefit of the doubt the first one/two times, but when someone repeatedly and consistently "needs" all the gear that drops, it's obvious they just want the loot. I'm contributing to the STF/mission too, why should I have to give up my fair chance at the loot just in case he's having some extremely lucky drops that he legitimately needs?

I too hate the Need/Greed system. It's just too open to abuse, and people have clearly shown that selfishness rules the day. It's funny because when I started doing STFs I rarely saw needers, but as time went on the practice got worse and worse until now where I rarely or never see a team who distributes things on "greed".

Those who propose everyone just give up and start "need"ing everything miss the point. Why should we accept this kind of behavior in the community? It's like saying well people will break into my house anyways so why bother to lock the door. Even though in many STFs when it's obvious there are one or more "need" *****s, there are still people who greed on loot. Perhaps they don't care and that they have enough gear, or maybe they don't realize or understand the loot system, but I don't like those people to be taken advantage of by the need crowd. Changing the loot claim system to need/pass would at least ensure everyone a fair chance.

I should add one time on Deferi I got teamed up with a group to do temple hard. Apparently the loot was "every man for themselves" but nobody told me. It was agreed that there would be no picking up of loot until the mission was over, which I followed. But after the mission, they suddenly ran out and vultured everything in sight and I didn't get a thing. From now on I'll have to watch the loot system more closely to avoid falling for this scam.

Originally Posted by TheTrekkingAngel
When people are selling stuff on the AH for millions of EC's, most people will need everything, even if its to repliicate it for a few credits... How else does a Lt. Commander afford nearly a million credits to get his ship running on blues.

OK, let's look at kitting out a Lt. Commander's ship in blue gear from the AH

2xbeams = 160,000 (80k each)
1x torp = 150,000
1x resil shield = 100,000
1x engine = 75,000
1x deflector = 75,000

That's half a milliion for blue MKIV gear and you haven't even thought about your consoles...

So say 3/4 of a million ECs to kit out a new toon with MKIV blue gear.

Let's look at purples...

2xbeams = 1,800,000 (900k each)
1x torp = 700,000
1x resil shield = 200,000
1x engine = 1,800,000
1x Deflector = 250,000

Nearly 5 million EC's for purple stuff on a Lt. Commander's ship, again without even looking at consoles...

I see why people click need on everything and I can see where the greedy people really are in the game without a dice roll.
Originally Posted by trinitron72003 View Post
Are you on the same exchange i shop on? I been paying 10-20k for blue mkX consoles. I honestly dont know about the beams, but always leveled with whites. Never could tell the difference till RA anyway. Unless your in an elite commander level PVP team.
Mk X consoles are considerably cheaper than some of the lower Mk stuff because of supply/demand. There is an incredible overflow of Mk X blues on the exchange because of the incredible STF grind required to get STF gear. In many cases you can actually get more EC from selling Mk X blues to the NPC vendors than putting it on the exchange. Getting lower Mk blues/purples is a lot harder since you can't farm them from STFs, and hence due to the low supply the prices get pushed way up.

That said, I agree that it is a waste to invest in purple/blue stuff until you get to at least Mk X level. Especially now since you level so fast, it's just not worth it if you are playing PvE. If you're playing PvP you also should be waiting to max level anyways, since you will be at a disadvantage regarding available skills? (you get more "innate" skills as you level up)