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# 1 Connection problem
01-18-2012, 02:41 PM
ok, so my problem is, every time i log in, and play the game i'm lagging like mad on some points ( with an red message ingame stating connection error and counting secconds) and sometimes disconnecting, and sometimes it'll stop ony to return like a minute later, and also the problem , wich is related, that it keeps glitching, like i walk 10m, then throws me back to the starting point, gotta run the same 10 meters over and over again, and when i finaly stay at a point, it begins again from that point..
so this is kinda ruining my gaming.. i dont have this prob on other games, even ones that are much bigger,
so is this something client wise? or settings? ( or am i just imagining this? its possible )
anywayz, any help or sugestions are welcome