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01-18-2012, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by o4q View Post
First let me say that I'm totally cool with making the cloaking device for my dreadnought into an item. I get it. My confusion is this: it is called a cloaking DEVICE, not a cloaking CONSOLE. Therefore, think the cloak should be used in the device slot instead of a console slot. It would make more sense to me. Just my humble opinion. Love the game and the direction it's going. Thanks!
in truth should not be a console at all, its a natural ability of the ship.

was absolutely dumb to make it a console, when all cloaking ships on klingon side have the power built into the ship.

Was one of those things that they just didnt need to go there, was not broke, didnt need to be "fixed"
Should of fixed the popup decloaker bug instead that has been around for 1 year.