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01-18-2012, 03:53 PM
(but seriously guys what is it with POKER?
on one hand you complain about gambling with the red boxes... and then you want POKER?
gambling with the red boxes involved real money. poker is a minigame that would have nothing to do with money. and I know it would nothing to do with real money cause if it did cryptic would get nailed immediately as an official gambling site. for-money games like poker are a big no no unless you actually run a casino site licensed to do it

(what are those Fleet Starbases supposed to be good for anyway? i mean beyond having another useless empty social zone to hang around in? any GAME functionality?)
thats about the size of it. people will quickly find you can't do anything with them and they'll end up a total waste of development resources

Just to clarify: starbases, work on PvP, more fleet functionality and a crafting revamp are all actually on the schedule now, but they are all VERY big projects, and will take quite some time to develop
just to clarify, heritic, we were told that practically word for word more than a year ago and nothing ever happened. don't expect anyone to believe it now.

(1:41:38 AM) Heretic: I can't speak for programmers, but for designers, it is surprisingly hard, especially to find experienced people who won't take not three months, but six months to get up to speed.
if the system is well designed, well documented and implemented properly it shouldn't take anywhere near half a year before a new staff member can be of any use. thats absurd.

(1:35:55 AM) Heretic: Mini-games are very expensive to develop, though.
poker isn't a very complicated program when you get down to it. I implemented a poker mini-game in a test server i've been working on and code wise it took me about 4 days and was done by myself and one art staff member, very cheaply. we're talking poker here heretic, not some new special system you have to come up with from scratch.

While I understand skeptical sentiments stemming out of the fallout from the fluid and constantly adjusting nature of the development process, as well as Cryptic's policy supporting development transparency in many areas of development, understand that it is not my intention to try to convince anyone or promise anything. What you decide to believe is of course your own privilege.
i'll repeat, we were told this last year. that 'explanation' doesn't fly. its an excuse. and what policy of supporting transparency would that be exactly? if anything there has been a rather large reverse on that in the last few months.