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# 5 List of updates
01-18-2012, 05:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a list of the updates I made.

I adjusted the wander speed and adjusted the weights to make the behavior more realistic. I found the comment regarding Benny Hill extremely funny, I just about died of laughter. I have addressed this issue.

There was another issue regarding the disengagement of the forcefields. I initially intended this to be a bit of a puzzle but I have addressed this issue and the objective is added to the story and is not hidden.

I have tried to go through the dialogue and I think I got most of the errors. I also rewrote a lot of the dialogue to make it flow better.

Additionally, I have tried to improve the instructions and have added skip dialogue buttons through the advanced dialogue editor. I think people will appreciate that.

This is my first mission and some people may find the plot a little uninteresting but I would like to make more and would appreciate some feed back. I do want to add that all of the enviroments are custom and if for no other reason you may want to give this mission a try just to check out the enviroments.

I did appreciate the YouTube review and I tried to address the technical issues and plot holes. I reduced the wind storm they mentioned. I tried to create some atmosphere but the storm is way thinner.

Please let me know what you think!

Thank you,