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01-18-2012, 06:55 PM
Note: I am a trekkie, have been a trekkie for a long time and in no way am saying we should stop doing tv shows entirely. With that being said...

I don't think going in the direction of the nuverse would be a bad thing. A lot of trekkies I've talked liked nuverse and to be honest, probably wouldn't mind a nuverse saga provided that it was developed in the lines of TNG, DS9, etc.

I understand why the older group, like me, prefer prime-verse because a lot of us grew up on it. God knows I did... DS9 is by far my favorite show but spent 14-15 years on TNG and DS9, roughly half my life. Do I want to see those stories continue? Well yeah, of course. But if the series has run it course, if there is really nothing new to add to the universe then let it go.

The great thing about this universe is that people can come back to it, tell a new or different story, change an angle, a thought, and boom, you've just created an entirely new direction for an episode, arc, series, generation.

It takes time. We're a spoiled generation. From TOS to TNG, there was decades between the show. Then from TNG to ENT, almost 20 years of episodes... Let it rest for a bit.