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01-18-2012, 09:04 PM
Originally Posted by masterjcdenton
I just downloaded this game since it went F2P and the past day I've been trying to create a character but when I'm done and i hit ''play now'' it says "Character creation failed" and i have to start over, I've tried different races,default characters, and everything that came to mind, i can never create a character. anyone got a fix?
Sometimes this occurs if your connection is acting up because most of the creation stuff is done client-side and just sent to the server at the end, however if you've tried it several times and it's not working I'm disinclined to think that's the direct reason. It's possible you may not be fully patched and its failing the version test: this happened to me one time on Champions Online and had me perplexed until I restarted the client. Maybe try that, its the one suggestion I can think of myself.