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01-18-2012, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by LordOfPit View Post
To me, a build-testing feature, especially in a game where respecs aren't trivial, is as major as PvP is or the KDF faction is, simply because anyone who'd play PvE, Fed or Klingon... or would PvP, could benefit from a build-testing feature. You know?
1) A moment ago I said that a complete KDF faction and better PvP should have been in at launch, just like a combat simulator.

2) In response, you said you "beg to differ".

3) Now your saying a combat simulator is "as major as" those things.

4) If it is "as major as" those things, and you think a combat simulator should have been in at launch, then you would also think those other things should have as well.