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01-18-2012, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
Please, no more mechanical updates! The game needs Missions: leveling, end-game, PvP, and FEs.
I'm with Cosmic, but I think we need to have a discussion of at what point will they have added enough content for us to accept another of these Technical frenzies D'Angelo and PW seem to think we want so much?

I would say I can/could accept another tech-revamp-addition-thingy after the KDF gets equivalent Storyline PvE.

The Feds have 52 Storyline PvE missions (by my count, excluding Tutorials, Fleet Actions, STFs, PvP, Wrappers, Faction Neutrals, and Exploration), the Klingons have.. 8. 8!! So at least another 44 KDF-exclusive Storyline PvE missions.

And you know what? It really shouldn't be that hard. A dedicated Foundry Author can put up a mission a week that's as least as good as the basic PvE Storyline missions the Feds have. And that's all we're asking for.

That's with no new @$#*%&# tech, no need for voice overs, or cut-scenes, or new ships.. It can be all be done without waiting on anything programming-side. Use what you have, you can do it now. Right now, and have two missions a week for the next 22 weeks. 2012, the year of the Klingon Empire.

They could do it. they have at least two content Devs.

But that's not all they need to do.

They need the programmers and tech people, so as not to feel ignored, to go Bug-Hunting. Squash the decloak Bug, once and for all. Squash the ship texture errors. Clean up the spine on the Galaxy Class so there's not a smooth slide from the Main Impulse Engine to the aft Torpedo Launcher.. Polish people, polish the game has needed for a very long time.

Don't delay content because you want the content to show off new tech. The tech is fine, stop messing with it, we need something to do with it.

While the higher-ups at PWE and Cryptic have been oohing-and-ahing over C-Store CRAP and monetization efforts and F2P preparations, the game has gotten rusty, grindy and nigh-unplayable but by the most dedicated grinders or the most casual and forgiving trekkers. But you can't run a game on the fringes folks, and that's all that's going to stay if they don't tackle the grind and bug issues.