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01-19-2012, 01:31 AM
I have been pushing for this since closed beta. Ships that are available to all ingame should be available for free, and any C-Store ships would be unlocked as you buy them. The way I envisioned it, and proposed in the past, is a simple modification to the ship costume customization UI - an addition of a tier selection menu.

For example, when you rank up to Commander and are going from your cruiser to your heavy cruiser you could choose any of the normally available heavy cruiser options, or you could select Tier2 Cruisers in the drop down menu, and the costume pieces for that tier and class ship would be available (mo mixing and matching from different tiers). If you had purchased a C-Store only ship available at that tier, it would also be available. Some ships have stirred up drama so some restrictions may have to be compromised on. No TOS Connie (or any starter ships), or limit their availability to a max of tier 3.

I have long disagreed with the notion that you have to see a specific ship to tell what level it is, especially in regards to PvP, where you see this argument most. PvP is level gated, so if you are a VA and you see a Fed in your PvP instance, he is also a VA or within a few levels of you. It doesn't matter what his ship looks like, it's his level, skills and BO loadout that matter. As a compromise, I also suggested that the default appearance of your ship class be rendered in a PvP instance to appease those against this idea.