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01-19-2012, 06:49 AM
Take a page out of the Starfleet Command II
look here for inspiration on Converse conquest maps Strategy map over view and Planetary conquest
combining your Tactical assets..

Start like the Star Fleet battles Models of Mobile Repair Bases and work up to Outpost Fleet Yards and
Starbases or Zones of Command And Control and populations on AI defence ships

MAJor work to redux whole galaxy map so you need a new sector to model and tweek on
look at General War Campaign map from Star fleet Battles and look at
SSG GAMES WAR in the PAcific [ Gary Grigsby's Pacific War ]

I think part of our porting to PC has lost the grander scale of large fold out maps
for the shear numero hexes and star systems available in an empire... apps that had provincial Capitols and
Fleet designations.. Take a look at Klingon House Areas Capitols in a old Star fleet battles General war
and Feudal Japans family controlled areas or inspiration

Go to starbucks buy a bag of neansand a grinder its gonna take awhole lot o esspresso to crate and new univeresal play model

which we used for GEneral Wars Capmaign