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01-19-2012, 07:01 AM
Here's some tips from someone that ran a load of elite ground STFs:

Avoid burst weapons like miniguns and auto fire weapons, they're crap unless you're a Tac that is providing suppresive fire to protect your teammates.

The Pulsewave Assault is the best "in their face" weapon. The MACO rifle is kind of... poo for STFs. It's a decent "2nd" weapon tho with it's sniper shot but the primary shot as it is right now makes the rifle near useless. The Omega gun is even worse, full burst mode mostly causes the Borg to adapt to one volley. Single shot weapons more or less rule the day here, Blast Assault, Sniper Rifle, Compression Pistol and the Pulsewave Assault.

Also, Wide Beam pistols for Scis/Engis as a side arm to expose the Borg so your Tacs can Exploit attack on them is pretty handy. Heavies and Elites die rather quick when this happens.

Also note, turrets etc. are great for drawing Borg attention. If you as an engineer want to inflict serious damage, use the Enemy Neutralization kit, it's bomb and mines are incredibly powerfull vs the Borg. The weapon disable attack and fuse armor are nifty too if your team is being shot at by a heavy or elite.

Scis are best off with a kit that is using Tachyon Harmonic. Zap the shields of the Borg and watch em die like they're from the normal diff runs. My personal favourite kit is the Analyst kit. Medical kits are kind of... well less useable in elite ground runs let us say. By the time your medic put a nice heal on you, you'll probably be dead by a DoT or unlucky flank shot anyway. It's not the fault of the medic, it's the unbalanced resistences on gear that is doing this to people. More plasma resistance on the set items would solve this but as it stands now, the person working on revamping the set items is actually thinking of stripping the plasma resistence which in my opinion is... stupid beyond words. But hey, who am I to say such things, right?

Hope these pointers help.

P.S.: Energy type used by multiple people is still a theory but I did notice if there's more then 1 person using Phaser damage for example that the Borg do seem to adapt a bit quicker to it. Maybe there's some type of mechanic to it that we've not fully figured out yet?